The Best Beginner Ski Runs in the World

If you’re looking for the best cruising runs to build up your confidence and experience the infinite joy of skiing but you don’t have the expert skills, then welcome to the ultimate list of beginner runs around the world.

Easy greens and beautiful blues are the solid base runs you can use to build up your skills.

If you’re new to skiing and want to experience the thrill the experts all talk about, these runs will give you the opportunity to glide like a pro.


Les Deux Alpes, France

The Jandri trail in Les Deux Alpes actually consist of 5 blue runs, each named Jandri and counting down from 5 to 1 from top to bottom.

The beauty of Les deux Alpes is that its sort of upside down.

Most blue runs are at the bottom of the mountain with the more difficult runs higher up, but in Les Deux Alpes, the blues start right at the top of the mountain!

This means if you’re jealous that the more experienced skiers tend to enjoy the most spectacular views, Jandri is the best place to be.

Starting at the top of the mountain the 5 runs form one long continuous thrill from the top of the mountain to the village.

There is a small green section near the bottom but apart from that, it’s a beautiful cruising blue the whole way down.

Jandri 5 truly feels like being on top of the world.

The views are incredible and the piste is wide, not too steep and lets you enjoy the view without too much concentrating on where you’re going.

As you get further down the pistes vary from wide open motorway style skiing to narrower, treelined routes.

You get to enjoy a little bit of everything, some sections require a little bit more technique while other involves pointing your skies downhill and enjoying the wind in your hair across the flatter sections.

Jandri is long, winding and appeals to everyone. Well worth a trip to Les Deux Alpes.

Burnt Stew Trail

Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada

Burnt Stew trail is perhaps the most beautiful green run in Canada.

This easy, breezy trail comes off the top of Whistler mountain and has some spectacular views.

The 2-mile long run winds its way down the mountain, often out of site of civilisation or lifts.

Burnt Stew is a favourite not only among beginners but also among experts.

It’s impossible not to feel pure joy as take on Burnt Stew.

It’s fun for everyone with sections that let you build up speed and glide down the mountain side or take it easy and enjoy the scenery.

One of the only green runs recognised worldwide as one of the best runs in the world, it allows beginners and experts to ski side-by-side united by the thrill of being on the mountain.

Burnt Stew lets beginners and pros ski together and enjoy the mountain side by side.

In general, Whistler is a great resort for beginners and the Burnt Stew Trail is the cream of the crop.

The Tunnel

La Plagne, France

Le Tunnel is easily the most famous blue run in La Plagne, if not the entire alps.

As the name suggests, the run features a tunnel section which, since 2012, is animated with light and sound.

It’s a super cool experience and one which is available to almost all level of skier.

The run itself is a good long, wide piste which, at thee end of the day can turn into a bit of a motorway packed with people.

However, earlier in the day it’s a beautiful run which lets you build up speed and confidence without begin too much to handle.

The start is quite steep but allows you to build speed for the flat section which follows.

After the tunnel, it’s a nice, long, winding route back down into Belle Plagne.

The 2km run is a beautiful way to get back down to the town. It passes through a stunning bowl which has great views and gives beginners a chance to enjoy the mountain like a pro.


Vail, Colorado

At the most eastern point of Vail resort in Colorado is the Sourdough Express lift leading to a run of the same name.

Sourdough is a short, sweet green, at the top of the mountain.

It’s in a dedicated slow zone so you won’t have to stress about other zipping past you.

The views are stunning and, unusual for a run at the top of the mountain, Sourdough meanders through a beautiful forest.

The silence of the forest, the swish of snow under your skis and the fantastic scenery means that Sourdough is definitely a fan-favourite.

Sourdough is situated in an area of several green runs so make sure you experience the other runs in the area.

The gentle slopes are perfect as a warm up for more experienced skiers and are enjoyable for everyone.

29, 27, 26

Obergurgl, Austria

From the top of Top Star Mountain is a section of blues which are some of the most beautiful in Austria.

Blue 29, 27 and 26 are the higher up section of an entire network of interconnected blues.

If you like variety and want lots of space to practice, head to this maze of blues for days of fun.

The blues in this area are a lot of fun.

There are some more challenging/steep sections but only enough to push you, and not terrify you.

Generally, they are wide, easy and great to explore and gain experience on a lot of terrain.

The runs are above the tree line so have stunning views of the valley.

There are also some cheeky little cut-though, off-piste sections between the blues. It’s a great way to practise going through deep powder and experiencing something new.

Long story, short? The entire area is a beginner skiers dream.

Endless, interconnected blues with a fast chairlift back up. You could spend an entire week here.

The Last Spike

Revelstoke, Canada

The Last Spike is a humongous 15 km of cruising.

Arguably the longest blue and green run in the world it zig-zags and criss-crosses its way down into Revelstoke through unbeatable tree-lined slopes.

If you’re looking for miles and miles of cruising without having to wait for lifts, The Last Spike is for you.

The run is a beautiful balance of fast slopes and easy meandering flatter sections.

The trees are beautiful and the isolation of the forest seems to go one forever really letting you enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountain.

It’s a relatively narrow run so it isn’t great if you want to practise long, wide turns.

However, it is a great place to test your speed and gain confidence as you fly down the mountain for what feels like eternity.

There are lots of other great blues which shoot off from the Last Spike so with all the combinations, you’ll never get bored.

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