The Most Instagrammable Ski Resorts in the World

Even if you haven’t made it to the slopes this year, there is no avoiding the avalanche of photos of those who have.

If you have Instagram, no doubt you’ve seen the pics, tags and videos of your friends and family having a great time.

In fact, the hashtag #ski has been used 13.6 million times and #skiing is not far behind with over 10.6 million uses.

But which resorts make it onto the ‘gram the most? We’ve compiled a list of the most enviable, beautiful and popular resorts to make it online.

Looking at the number of photos geotagged in each place, and the number of hashtags, read on to find out where you should go to join the popular crowd. These are some of the top 20 resorts on Instagram.

Whistler, Canada

Host of the 2010 winter Olympics and one of the most popular resorts in the world, it’s no surprise that Whistler makes it to the top of the list.

Whistler has been hashtagged over 2 million times and has been geotagged over 5 million.


The double mountain resort includes both Whistler mountain and backcomb. With slopes for all levels of skiers as well as decent off-piste and freestyle parks, Whistler is worthy of the top spot.

Banff, Canada

Canada dominates Instagram. Banff is nipping at the heels of Whistler with over 4 million people checking into Banff.

The tall trees, blue skies and beautiful lakes are together with husky sledding, ice diving and spa trips. Banff seems to offer it all.


The beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains takes some beating. Between Whistler and Banff, the Canadians are spoilt for choice!

Aspen, USA

Coming in strong behind Banff is Aspen. Aspen has long been known for beautiful scenery, good food and stylish visitors.


And apparently these visitors share exactly how good they look online. Aspen has been hashtagged over 1.4 million times.

Aspen is almost as famous for its main resort as it is for its slopes.

Chamonix, France

Not far behind the North American giants is Europe’s most popular resort.

With over a million hashtags and almost as many geotags, Chamonix has been a popular skiing destination since it held the Olympics way back in 1924.


Chamonix has some of the best freestyle skiing in the world and anyone who follows the resorts official Instagram will already be aware of the stunning scenery surrounding the awesome Mont Blanc.

Vail, USA

Vail in Colorado is a super popular resort and its Instagram is full of young people having the time of their lives.

Vail is generally popular with the younger generation of skiers so no wonder it’s high up on our list of insta-famous resorts.


There are plenty of easy blues across the 5,000 acres of skiable terrain and some great après bars.

Vail has over 300 days of sunshine and is a perfect spot for a quick insta photoshoot. Vail has been geotagged over 900,000 times.

Zermatt, Switzerland

The Jewel of Switzerland comes in at number six. Over 800,000 people have hashtagged Zermatt on the photo-sharing site.

And it’s no wonder. Zermatt has the most stunning views of the Matterhorn mountain as well as a very photogenic igloo hotel.

Zermatt – Image:

People come from all over the world to hike, ski and climb in the mountains surrounding Zermatt and clearly, most of these people post on Instagram.

Breckenridge, USA

Breckenridge in Colorado has been tagged on Instagram over 700,000 times.

The ski resort is actually an old mining town and has some amazing night-life as well as shops, restaurants and bars.


Breckenridge also has North America’s highest lift. With so much on offer, it’s no surprise that Breckenridge is one of Instagram’s most famous ski resorts.

Niseko, Japan

Heading over to Japan’s most popular ski resort and Niseko only has half a million hashtags but almost 5 million check-ins.


The resort has incredibly stunning views of Mount Yotei which is one of the most stunning views in the world and is definitely insta-worthy.

The powder here looks incredible so lots of the photos online are knee-deep, envy-inducing powder hounds tackling some of the most insane slopes in the world.

Perisher, Australia

Heading to the other side of the world doesn’t mean you won’t get snow. Perisher is Australia is the largest lift-connected resort in the southern hemisphere.

The area is actually a combination of four different ski areas which means it’s a huge space to have fun on the slopes.


Not only is it the largest, it’s also the most popular resort in the southern hemisphere. Perisher is featured over 200,000 times using hashtags and has been geotagged over 1 million.

Perisher also has a great snow park to take some amazing photos and the guaranteed blue skies make it extremely popular.

Hakuba, Japan

Closely following Niseko is Japans second most insta-famous resort Hakuba. The resort is a winter sports hub and the hot springs and spas mean you can unwind after a busy day.

There is an awesome ski jumping station which was built for the Olympic games in the 90s.

Hakuba is a stunning little village that looks like it was purpose-built for a photoshoot.


The 600,000 hashtags show exactly how beautiful the resort is. The snow here is super deep and the tree-lined pistes are picture-perfect.

Livigno, Italy

Livigo is close to the Italian border with Switzerland and is packed with over 500,000 people using the hashtag #livigno.

Otherwise known as “little Tibet”, Livigno is in a beautiful, remote valley which takes a while to get to from the airport.



Photos of Livigno show a stereotypical beautiful winter wonderland of snow, peaceful mountains and icy blue skies.

Courchevel, France

In reality Courchevel may have many more insta-followers than the 300,000 #Courchevel suggests.

There are also 100,000 people tagging #Courchevel1850 and even more tagging #Courchevel1650.


The French resort is a classic ski destination and is part of the Trois Vallees; the largest lift-linked ski area in the world.

No wonder so many people pass through the area and snapping pictures of the stunning scenery. Courchevel has the slopes, the shops, the hotels and the restaurants to cater to the crowds.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

The first Austrian entry on the list is a classic. Home to the infamous Hahnemann, Kitzbuhel has been geotagged almost 500,000 times.


Many international race teams come here to practice and the rugged peak of the Matterhorn makes for a stunning photo.

There is always something to capture with a camera whether it’s on the slopes or in the many bars which stay open late.

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald in Switzerland has over a quarter of a million geotags. It’s a perfect place for skiers, hikers and explorers to snap beautiful photos of the cliffs, mountains and glaciers.


The village itself is rather stunning and Instagram is packed with pretty pictures of the traditional buildings.

In summer its equally as beautiful and attracts tourists all year round meaning it features heavily online.

St Moritz, Switzerland

The resort of St Moritz is known throughout the world for its charm, luxury and for being super expensive.

But that doesn’t stop tourist flocking to the resort in their thousands. St Moritz is glitzy, glamourous and has so much to offer.

St Moritz

The surrounding mountains are picture-perfect and the streets of St Moritz are packed with elegant and expensive shops and make for a perfect photo opportunity.

Having hosted the Olympics twice and offering activities such as horse racing, polo, skating and cricket on the frozen lake, St Moritz is an Instagram dream and has racked up over 200,000 geotags and over 300,000 hashtags.

Val Thorens, France

Val Thorens is eternally popular with tourist learning to ski. The highest resort in Europe at a wonderful 2300m.

A part of the trois vallees and affectionately known as VT, Val Thorens is always lively, bustling and vibrant.

Val Thorens

VT is very popular with young people and students due to its awesome nightlife and the wide variety of slopes.

It’s a very sunny resort which caters to both beginners and advanced skiers. VT is a paradise for those looking for a guaranteed great time.

Over 150,000 people who checked into VT on Instagram would vouch for how much fun it is.

Morzine, France

With over 300,000 hashtags and almost 200,000 geotags, Morzine is full of people having the time of their lives.

The resort has some incredible nightlife so you can ski all day and party all night.


As a part of the Portes du Soleil ski area, Morzine has access to huge stretches of piste. There are hotels, restaurants, bars and activities for the whole family.

The town is busy, lively and full of excited tourists all year round.

Bansko, Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s most popular ski resort on Instagram is the only one to make it on our list. Bansko has over 200,000 hashtags.

The upcoming ski area is cheap, cheerful and increasingly popular. The new ski resort has such a great personality. The slopes are tree-lined and the views are spectacular.

Bansko – Image:

There is also a beautiful waterfall and some great spas which make for some awesome insta-content.

Bansko is very much up and coming and has a very young crowd which makes it an exciting place to be.

Revelstoke, Canada

Perfect for advanced skiers and powder hounds, Revelstoke has a huge vertical height, massive off-piste sections, deep snow, a charming resort and a huge number of fans online.

The deep fluffy powder and impressive views mean it is a mecca for mountain lovers.


Revelstoke has almost 300,000 hashtags and almost all the images are an advanced skiers dream.

There are also options for cat skiing and heliskiing which make for some great photos.

Courmayeur, Italy

Courmayeur in North-West Italy is well-known for its huge cable car up to the slopes.

The town has a beautiful old-timey charm and the slopes are a great combination of blues, reds and a few advanced runs.


There is something for everyone. Instagram has over 150,000 geotags full of blue skies, fresh powder and stunning views of the Mont Blanc.

It also has a stunning viewing stations where advanced skiers can venture out to attempt the Vallee Blanche, but only with a guide.

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