Christmas Ski Holiday Guide

Christmas packs a bigger punch than any other time of year when it comes to snowy fun for families, couples and singles alike.

Sure, there are some potential drawbacks to skiing over the year’s most popular holiday – but they’re minor, easily overcome, and far outweighed by the positives.


The Positives

There’s simply no other time like Christmas to hit the slopes and get the most from your winter holiday experience.

The Festive Season

Snowy mountains underpinning the broad winter skies, patches of dark green trees running up the slopes and framing in the pure white of the pistes and powdered runs, all transport the mind along with the body.

You’re there, in a skier’s paradise… what could make it better?

Well, Christmas!

Lights, music, childhood memories, presents, parties and the overall good cheer that tends to be just a little more abundant around that time of year all combine to elevate your skiing and holiday experience.

More than a break from work and other cares. It becomes something only attainable at that one time of year.

Special Events

Along with the usual skiing and other amenities offered at the resort, you’ll find seasonal events for every type of holiday-maker.

Big dinners, performances, roving choirs, torch-lit ski runs, pictures with Santa, special gifts, and other events all combine to further immerse you in the Christmas spirit.

Festive Food and Decor

Most ski resorts have a special Christmas feast for their guests, featuring traditional holiday foods and all the trimmings!

Your ski trip can become a culinary and cultural adventure too… not to mention the cheerful company and good will between your fellow guests.

Chalets and hotels are festively decorated, allowing you to enjoy a home from home.

The best part is that someone else will be doing the Christmas dinner for you…and the washing up too!

The Negatives

The list is a short one.

In a nutshell, travel is more expensive during the Christmas holiday, so you’re likely to spend more for the days you’re there.

But this needs to be weighed against the value you receive.

The other potential negative is that it will be more crowded than at some other times of year.

School’s out, most offices are closed for at least a few days, and the result is a great migration of holidaymakers, many of whom head to the slopes, just like you hope to do.

There’s no need to view this as a negative though.

Yes, the queues may be longer, but if you choose a resort with wide-ranging area, or interconnected ski areas, or a quieter one that is less likely to be crowded, then the difference will be less noticeable.

That’s it for potential downside. Not bad at all.

And the upside? A magical time on the snow that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Top Christmas Ski Resorts

Honestly, you can’t go wrong!

Everywhere will pull out the stops for Christmas and do their best to give you an excellent holiday. Features differ though, so you will want to choose a resort well-suited to your particular idea of a good time.

Saas Fee (Switzerland), St Moritz (Switzerland) and Megeve (France) are known for higher-end amenities and shops, but that means higher prices too. If your budget is a liberal one, and you love a bit of glitz and glamour in your Christmas stocking, then check these out. Megeve boasts a huge ski area too, so the crowds are spread out, reducing queue lengths even in the busy periods.

Avoriaz (France) and Livigno (Italy) are playgrounds for boarders and snowpark enthusiasts, with a vibrant singles and club scene.

For families, especially those with beginner skiers, Cervinia (Italy) offers great runs, a wide range of activities on and off the slopes, and a wealth of restaurant choices.

Courchevel (France) is a great family resort with a water park which is popular with family members of all ages.


Christmas is an even more magical experience on the mountain.

Christmas is a time steeped in festivities, great food, and a rise in the level of good cheer and good will.

Add to that the thrill and fun of skiing, and you have a winning combination for a holiday to remember for years, even for the rest of your life.

Whether going as a single, couple, group or family, there is a resort that will tick all the boxes your imagination can muster, and your expectations are likely to be blown away by the reality of it.

Yes, you may pay more than if you slip away for a quieter trip while the kids are in school and the offices buzzing, but the value will far exceed the extra outlay.

There is no time like Christmas, and a Christmas ski holiday can’t be recommended highly enough.

It really is magical.