Luxury Ski Holidays

Why Choose Luxury?

For some readers, it is difficult to see the benefit in spending the amount of money necessary to experience a skiing holiday at the upper echelons of luxury, service and style.

After all, if you go on holiday to ski and enjoy the slopes, why spend the money on extras and luxuries?


Two Holidays in One

On a regular ski trip, you hit the slopes, grab a meal, and head out on the town.

Fun is had, money spent, and the wee hours see small clusters of friends laughing and shuffling back to their rooms for a few hours of kip before hauling themselves up from bed for another day on the slopes. It’s a skiing holiday; that’s what we do.

However, a luxury ski holiday is something quite different.

It’s about the style and design of the top-notch accommodation, the attentive service, the quality of the food, the feel of the high-end sheets, and so much more!

It’s about rest. Pampering. A few days as king or queen of your own little realm.

And it feels good.

Days on the slopes can be punctuated by amazing meals.

Your tired feet can sink into plush carpets as a valet takes your equipment to be dried, cleaned and placed on gentle heaters.

Evenings out can be glittering forays into stylish cocktail lounges, sophisticated nightclubs, or Michelin-starred eating establishments.

You’ll wake up feeling like you own that mountain, and step into toasty-warm boots to go and prove it – after an exquisite breakfast of course.

Make your precious days off count too. It really does feel just as good to stay in!


What to Expect with a Luxury Ski Break?

Luxury holidays of any kind have some staple attributes.

The service needs to be attentive and sincere. Your needs should be anticipated and your (reasonable) wants taken care of quickly.

You should be treated like you’re an important person – because you are – and a luxury holiday is the time to really enjoy it.

Services can include luxury transport from the airport or station (with or without extra cost), 24-hour concierge and long-hour room service, and all those little perks like toiletries, extra pillows and blankets, and turn-down service if desired.

Luxury accommodations are high-end, beautiful and well-designed.

The bedding and mattresses should make you wonder why you sleep on that lump of straw at home, and the restrooms should be cleaner than your brand-new toothbrush.

After a day on the slopes taxing your body, bearing the brightness of sun and snow, the coldness of the air, and the presence of the skiing crowds, a luxury room gently peels away the wear and immerses you in feelings of contentment.

If you’re really doing it right, your room should afford a stunning view as well.

When you wake up, the first thing out of your mouth should be an appreciative ‘wow.’

As you fall asleep, you should feel the disappointment of having to close your eyes from it, but you’re just… so… comfortable…


What to Choose?

Luxury ski holidays have a few special considerations.

First of all, your accommodation should be right on the slopes. No shuttle busses or taxis for you – and definitely no long walks in your gear.

You want ski-in-ski-out convenience.

You’ll probably also want to choose a chalet.

Sure, there are excellent hotel rooms that fit the bill for the luxury experience, but nothing beats the feeling of that vaulted ceiling, the drop-down fireplace, your own kitchen and hot tub – preferably on the roof or on your deck – and all the happy privacy and space that your own luxury home on the slopes can provide.

If you and your loved ones love to ski, and you want to mark a special occasion, why not combine your hobby with all the glamour and impact of a luxury experience.

It won’t just be a ski trip; it will be the ski trip to remember.


What they Cost?

Whereas a duffel-bag skier can flop in a cheap room for under a hundred pounds a night, you can pay thousands for a snooze in a top-tier luxury room.

For a couple to spend a weekend in a five-star in St Moritz, for example, a hotel can run from £300 to £2,000 per night – private chalets cost considerably more.

Once there, don’t forget the invisible costs.

You will, in many hotels, be expected to tip.

In restaurants, a service charge is often added to the bill (which will run from £30 to £200 per person (or more) for a fine dining experience, but an additional 10% is normal in appreciation of good service.

Bartenders and taxis often receive tips and it is a good idea to do so if you want top service the next time you’re in.

Rounding up to the nearest 5 or 10 is a good general guideline.

A few pounds’ worth of the local currency (per day) is also appropriate for the concierge, the bellhop, the doorman, and any spa personnel you hire.

It can add up.


What to Bring

If you plan to frequent top-tier clubs and restaurants, you’ll need to dress for it.

Smart casual at a minimum, though some establishments require jackets for men and similarly smart attire for women.

Most of what you need will be on hand at your accommodation, though this can sometimes come at an additional fee.

The best rule of thumb, is to bring the minimal amount of items, and have access to more money than you think you’ll need.


Where Best to Go

Any list of well-known resorts for the luxury experience have to include Verbier, St Moritz, Zermatt or Saas Fee in Switzerland, and Megeve in France.

Verbier, Switzerland

In the USA, Powder Mountain is promising some high-end local amenities, and Aspen Snowmass is a tried and true winner. Whistler, in Canada, is also a great choice.

Wherever you choose to go, may your days be bathed in sunlight and snow, and your nights spent basking in luxurious comfort.