Ski Hotels

Films and TV may hold up the ski chalet as the ideal for holidays on the slopes, but there is no fiction when it comes to the advantages of a good ski hotel.


One of the top advantages of using a resort hotel is that they have the best locations.

They are close to – or on – the slopes, enabling a ski-in-ski-out experience, which is ideal for most skiers.

Chalets on the other hand, though they are often close to town centre for après ski activities, like local clubs, often require shuttle busses.

That means inconvenience and delay when it comes to the actual skiing.

Equipment Facilities

Another advantage over a chalet, is that hotels often have pools, saunas, wellness centres and other perks.

If you have children along with you, games rooms and childcare facilities can be added to the list.

Better Food

If you’re foodie, or just a person who likes a quality meal from a wide range of choices, then a hotel will provide you with more than most chalet cooks can hope to achieve.

Each member of your party will be able to choose the food of their liking, rather than having to compromise on a communal meal, too, increasing the overall satisfaction of your group.

Lower Costs

Resort hotels are also closely affiliated with the ski area, so you can often combine your room costs with a lift ticket deal.

Some resorts even offer lift tickets for free if you’re staying a minimum number of days. Either way, the final result is you save money overall.


Resort hotels are convenient, great value, and offer more facilities and choices than other accommodation options.

Choosing the right hotel can be a big part of making your trip an experience to remember.