New Year Ski Holiday Guide

The Positives

There are some very strong advantages to choosing this New Year for your skiing holiday.

Here are just a few of them:


Party Experience

New Year is the time when the whole World ramps up to party mode and everybody looks ahead to the potential of the coming year.

There is perhaps no other day of the year that has so many people having so many parties in so many places.

Alpine ski resort are definitely not an exception.

If anything, they party harder!

Every resort will have something going on, from clubs and dinners to grand celebrations and performances.

Bars and clubs will be lively, and the attitude of the holiday will be of fun and celebration.

This isn’t limited to the singles set either. Parties abound for couples, groups andfamilies of all ages. No matter your style, there will be a soirée to suit.

It’s New Year’s, baby, and the Alps parties!


The Perfect Start to a Year

What better way to start your year out than by doing what you love?

Pondering your goals and resolutions for the upcoming year while surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery, happy people and the cool, crisp clean air of the mountains is a great way to start the year on a positive note.

What goal could possibly seem too difficult to achieve after a start like that?

After all, you’ve already spend every day of the year so far on the slopes…! 😉



There are some excellent deals over New Year’s week.

These aren’t low season weeks but ski companies do need to shift these dates early to have a good season.

An excellent deal doesn’t always mean the lowest price; it means the best value and experience for your money.


Snow Conditions

Snow conditions are reliable.

The weather is on the shoulder between early season and the deep freeze of late January and early February.

Some ski operators offer a Snow Guarantee for New Year weeks.



Resort staff will be well-trained by mid-season.

The service and food should be a well-oiled machine by now, if you pick the right operator.


The Negatives

Sure, there are some potential negatives, but for the most part, they are under your control.


The Cost

The cost of a trip at this time of year can be higher.

This is largely due to inflated airline costs over the holiday.

Book early and shop around to get the best deal!


Overdoing It!

If you imbibe a bit too much on the last day of the year, the first day of the next year can be a sobering experience.

…and a splitting headache is not a great ski buddy!



There is an increased chance of guests being noisy in their rooms, or even out in the streets.

It’s New Year’s though, so you’ll probably either join in the spirit, or maybe look at other dates.



There can be increased crowds at any time when schools are out for a holiday, or during traditional periods of time off work. New Year is no exception.

If you choose a resort that has a lot of piste area, or one that is less popular and therefore likely to have a little more shoulder room, you can still get in an excellent experience without too many crowds.

If crowds are your thing though, join the throng and have a great time with a few thousand of your new friends.

Choose a resort that suits your particular tastes, and the crowds, noise and any aftermath of the night before can melt into part of your ideal experience.


Top New Year Ski Resorts

For a no-holds-barred party scene that may break the average bank account – but will do so in stunning style – Chamonix tops the list.

Solden, in Austria, is also a great one for parties and nightlife, while also offering family fun, like bowling and the big leisure centre.

For a big overall ski region, and awe-inspiring views to start the new year, Wengen is a good choice, or you can try to slip into a smaller resort like Obergurgl and hope for a lower volume and shorter queues.

St Moritz puts on a great show of course, and even if you or members of your group skip the slopes altogether, there is still a ton of great things to do there.

Finally, if your idea of a great New Year’s experience centres around high-end food and wine, with daylight hours on the slopes, the lower-key Italy’s Cervinia is a sweet-spot.



New Year, taken with the right kind of attitude and expectation, can be by far the best times to take your skiing holiday.

Whatever your tastes and style, if you want to combine your skiing experience with a festive mood and a lot of parties, New Year’s is an excellent time to go.

Book early, shop around, and make sure you secure a place at a resort that best suits your idea of the ultimate run into a new year. The coming year is full of potential; start it with fun and grand style.